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Shadows Workout
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Shadows Workout CD 5+

OK, here we are some five months later than originally planned but at last number 5 is now finished!
Once more I have included a mixture of easy and difficult titles ranging from "Banana Man" across to the more challenging "Thing-Me-Jig" and have again been joined by Alan Jones who plays bass not only on this track but on "Classical Gas", "The Third Man" and "Outdigo".

Alan's contribution has as before been just brilliant and it is a real privilege to have him playing bass on these titles.

Again I have included two non-Shadows tracks: "Saturday Night At The Duck Pond" - the Cougars famous hit from the sixties, and the Tony Meehan Band instrumental "Song Of Mexico" which was written by Jerry Lordan and contains many of his wonderful trademarks.

Sincere thanks once more go to Dave Prickett whose relentless attention to detail on the keyboard parts and excellent playing is as usual invaluable.

Also thanks go to John Woodward for his assistance in the cover photographs (he plays the crash cymbal at the end of "Classical Gas") and Tim Richmond for some additional percussion in "Imagine/Woman".

Finally, thanks go to Eric Kingdon who runs the Shadows Guitar Club in Warwick for his contribution in singing the Goons-style vocal part in "Chelsea Boot" - something he hopes eventually to forget! I must also thank my wife Joy and next door neighbours Jenny and Derek for providing the hand claps on this track and for showing extreme patience and understanding whilst I am recording.

All in all I have immensely enjoyed recording this CD and I would be delighted if it should provide at least some of the pleasure to you as it has for me in the making.

Thanks for your support.

List of tracks on Workout CD 5+:
  1. IMAGINE/WOMAN - Demonstration Track
  2. IMAGINE/WOMAN - Backing Track
  3. WILD ROSES - Demonstration Track
  4. WILD ROSES - Backing Track
  5. THE THIRD MAN - Demonstration Track
  6. THE THIRD MAN - Backing Track
  7. OUTDIGO - Demonstration Track
  8. OUTDIGO - Backing Track
  9. CLASSICAL GAS - Demonstration Track
  10. CLASSICAL GAS - Backing Track
  11. THING-ME-JIG - Demonstration Track
  12. THING-ME-JIG - Backing Track
  13. ALENTEJO - Demonstration Track
  14. ALENTEJO - Backing Track
  15. FLY ME TO THE MOON - Demonstration Track
  16. FLY ME TO THE MOON - Backing Track
  17. MAROC 7 - Demonstration Track
  18. MAROC 7 - Backing Track
  19. SATURDAY NIGHT AT THE DUCK POND (The Cougars) - Demonstration Track
  20. SATURDAY NIGHT AT THE DUCK POND (The Cougars) - Backing Track
  21. SONG OF MEXICO (Tony Meehan) - Demonstration Track
  22. SONG OF MEXICO (Tony Meehan) - Backing Track
  23. THE MAGIC DOLL - Demonstration Track
  24. THE MAGIC DOLL - Backing Track
  25. BANANA MAN - Demonstration Track
  26. BANANA MAN - Backing Track
  27. CHELSEA BOOT - Demonstration Track
  28. CHELSEA BOOT - Backing Track

Ian McCutcheon - Lead guitar, acoustic guitars, bass guitar, drum programming
Alan Jones - Guest Bass Player on "The Third Man", "Outdigo", "Classical Gas" and "Thing-Me-Jig"
Dave Prickett - Keyboards
Eric Kingdon - Vocals on "Chelsea Boot"

All lead tracks are performed using the "Echoes From The Past" echo system 2000 devised by Charlie Hall and all electric guitar tracks recorded using the Session Acetone Amplifier.

Cover Design:
Derek Spicer, Joy McCutcheon and photography by John Woodward

Produced by:
Ian McCutcheon

Special thanks to:
Charlie Hall, Pete Alden, Michael Shefras, Tony Hoffman, Alan Scrafton, Ian Harper, Eric Kingdon, Jenny Spicer, Brian Bowman, Lee Argent, Kevin Wooten, Phil Wolstenholme, Maurice Woodcroft, Malcolm Dodd, Bernard Broche and Tony Clout.

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