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Shadows Workout CD 9+

Well here we go again. This is number 9 and my list of potential tracks is, if anything, longer than last year!

Again I have responded as best as I can to requested material and have finally recorded backing tracks for the three popular '60s Japanese titles: "Kimi To Itsumademo", "Omoide No Nagisa" and "Gin Iro No Michi" - now there's a mouthful!

Also, I have tried to cover a few more of the other '60s titles with "Green Eyes", "The Drum Number" and "Ranka-Chank". I have once more attempted to cater for as many skill levels as possible.

In the non-Shads category I have provided 2 backing tracks for the "Crew Cats" version of the old favourite "Trambone" (one including a 2nd guitar for ease of playing) and have finally recorded the much-demanded "Lara's Theme" from Hank's first solo album.

For the players who want something more challenging there are two backing tracks for "Cat 'n' Mouse" (again, one with the second guitar part and one without). I have also recorded the Shads version of the "Grease" hit "You're The One That I Want", plus the Billy Joel composition "Just The Way you Are". Also included is the very melodic Jerry Goffin title "Nothing's Gonna Change My Love For You".

As usual my eternal thanks go to Dave Prickett for his brilliant keyboard skills and also my thanks to George Height from the Warwick Shadows Guitar Club for some additional percussion on "Nothing's Gonna Change My Love For you".

Well, I'd better go and start the next CD now - that will be No. 10 - double figures!

Thanks again for your support

List of tracks on Workout CD 9+:

  1. JUST THE WAY YOU ARE - Demonstration Track
  2. JUST THE WAY YOU ARE - Backing Track
  3. LARA'S THEME - Demonstration Track
  4. LARA'S THEME - Backing Track
  7. TRAMBONE - Demonstration Track
  8. TRAMBONE - Backing Track + 2nd guitar
  9. TRAMBONE - Backing Track
  10. CAT 'N' MOUSE - Demonstration Track
  11. CAT 'N' MOUSE - Backing Track + 2nd guitar
  12. CAT 'N' MOUSE - Backing Track
  13. YOU'RE THE ONE THAT I WANT - Demonstration Track
  14. YOU'RE THE ONE THAT I WANT - Backing Track
  15. GREEN EYES - Demonstration Track
  16. GREEN EYES - Backing Track
  17. KMI TO ITSUMADEMO - Demonstration Track
  18. KMI TO ITSUMADEMO - Backing Track
  19. OMOIDE NO NAGISA - Demonstration Track
  20. OMOIDE NO NAGISA - Backing Track
  21. GIN IRO NO MICHI - Demonstration Track
  22. GIN IRO NO MICHI - Backing Track
  23. THE DRUM NUMBER - Demonstration Track
  24. THE DRUM NUMBER - Backing Track
  25. RANKA-CHANK - Demonstration Track
  26. RANKA-CHANK - Backing Track


    • Ian McCutcheon - Lead guitar, acoustic guitars, bass guitar, drum programming
    • Dave Prickett - Keyboards
    • George Height - Additional Percussion on tracks 5 & 6

    Equipment used:

    • Zoom RFX2000 with "Echoes From The Past" echo system devised by Charlie Hall.
    • KCP Marvin Amplifier
    • Fender Jazz Bass
    • Various Fender Stratocasters
    • Yamaha CPX8 acoustic guitar
    • GL Clarrissa classical guitar
    • Various Korg and Yamaha keyboards

      Cover Design:
      Derek Spicer, Joy McCutcheon and Ian McCutcheon

      Produced by:
      Ian McCutcheon

      Special thanks to:
      Charlie Hall, Pete Alden, Ken Vickers, Michael Shefras, Tony Hoffman, Alan Scrafton, Ian Harper, Mike hill, Eric Kingdon, Jenny Spicer, Brian Bowman, Lee Argent, Kevin Wooten, Phil Wolstenholme, Maurice Woodcroft, Jon Malcolm, Martin De Liefde, Bernard Broche, Dave Moore, Amy Harper, Dick West, Alan Taylor and Tony Clout.

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