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Shadows Workout
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Shadows Workout CD12+

It would be easy to think that after 12 Workout CDs I should be running short on fresh titles to record, but that just doesn't seem to be the case in fact, the more tracks I find there are still loads more left!

I have again selected something from each decade and have finally succeeded in recording "Lady In Red" and "One Moment In Time". These have been requested ever since I started but for some reason I never seemed to get round to them.

As the non-Shadows title I have recorded the Focus version of "Sylvia" and finally, I could not finish this CD without including the 2004 live arrangement of "Apache/Riders In The Sky" which I just had to cover.

I hope that this CD will ofer something to players of all skill levels.

List of tracks on Workout CD 12+:

  1. THE LADY IN RED - Demonstration Track
  2. THE LADY IN RED - Backing Track
  3. YEARS AWAY - Demonstration Track
  4. YEARS AWAY - Backing Track
  5. ONE MOMENT IN TIME - Demonstration Track
  6. ONE MOMENT IN TIME - Backing Track
  7. GRACIE - Demonstration Track
  8. GRACIE - Backing Track
  9. APACHE/RIDERS IN THE SKY - Demonstration Track
  10. APACHE/RIDERS IN THE SKY - Backing Track
  11. SAILING - Demonstration Track
  12. SAILING - Backing Track
  13. FRIDAY ON MY MIND - Demonstration Track
  14. FRIDAY ON MY MIND - Backing Track
  15. UPTOWN GIRL - Demonstration Track
  16. UPTOWN GIRL - Backing Track
  17. SYLVIA - Demonstration Track
  18. SYLVIA - Backing Track

  • Ian McCutcheon - Lead guitar, acoustic guitars, bass guitar, guitar synthesizer, drum programming
  • Dave Prickett - Keyboards
  • Ian Purdon - Bass guitar on Apache/Riders In The Sky
  • George Height - Additional Percussion

Equipment used:

  • Zoom G7.1 ut with "Echoes From The Past" echo system devised by Charlie Hall.
  • Pinnacle Twin 30 Amplifier
  • 40th Anniversary "Hank Marvin" Fender Stratocaster (kindly loaned by Michael Sillett)
  • 1967 Baldwin/Burns Mavin Guitar
  • Yamaha CPX8 acoustic guitar
  • Yamaha APX5NA nylon strung guitar
  • Roland Guitar Synthesizers
  • Fender Jazz Bass
  • Burns "Rostill" Shadows Bass
  • Various Korg and Yamaha keyboards

Cover Design:

  • Derek Spicer, Joy McCutcheon and Ian McCutcheon

Produced by:

  • Ian McCutcheon

Special thanks to:

  • Charlie Hall, Pete Alden, Ken Vickers
  • Tony Hoffman ("Shadsfax" magazine Tel: 01904 621761)
  • Alan Scrafton ("Friends Of The Shadows Guitar Club" Tel: 01702 290309)
  • Ian Harper ("East Yorkshire Shadows Guitar Club" Tel: 01723 366811)
  • Jenny Spicer, Brian Bowman, Lee Argent, Kevin Wooten, Phil Wolstenholme, Maurice Woodcroft, Jon Malcolm, Martin De Liefde, Bernard Broche, Dave Moore, Amy Harper, Dick West, Alan Taylor, John Harris, Michael Sillett
  • Tony Clout (Producer of the music and tab for the "Shadows Workout" CDs. Tel: 01375 392349)

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