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Shadows Workout
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Shadows Workout CD 2

Following the success of my first "Shadows Workout" this is just the second of what I hope will become a long series of CDs.

As with Volume 1, I have attempted to introduce a different concept into the compilation. On the first CD I recorded six tracks omitting the rhythm guitar and on this one I have included three Cliff Richard titles featuring Danny White (of "Stars In Their Eyes" fame) on vocals; the format being: complete demo track, backing track including vocals but without lead guitar, and for the really ambitious, the backing track omitting both lead and vocals. So don't be shy, even Cliff must have started somewhere. Danny is an extremely talented singer in his own right who sings uncannily like Cliff and recording him has been quite an experience!

With the instrumentals as before I have recorded demonstration tracks for the rare titles to use as a basis for the solo and as with "Shadows Workout 1", the backing tracks are all performed in the same key as the Shadows versions with a meticulous observation of the original arrangements. I have, however, by popular request avoided ending with fade-outs as these can be detrimental when playing live.

I feel I must at this point give a mention to Dave Prickett who has played the keyboard parts on both of my CDs and has so far gone largely unnoticed. his contribution is invaluable and absolutely brilliant (he can spot a 13th flattened 9th at 50 paces you know!). Thanks Dave.

Finally, I have thoroughly enjoyed recording this CD and it is my sincere hope that you also enjoy playing to the tracks.

List of tracks on Workout CD 2:

  1. SOME ARE LONELY - Demonstration Track
  2. SOME ARE LONELY - Backing Track
  3. LIVE LET DIE - Backing Track
  4. BACK HOME - Demonstration Track
  5. BACK HOME - Backing Track
  6. WALKING IN THE AIR - Backing Track
  7. FANDANGO - Demonstration Track
  8. FANDANGO - Backing Track
  9. A PLACE IN THE SUN - Demonstration Track
  10. A PLACE IN THE SUN - Backing Track
  11. IN THE MOOD - Backing Track
  12. THE YOUNG ONES - Demonstration Track*
  13. THE YOUNG ONES - + Lead guitar + Vocal*
  14. THE YOUNG ONES - Backing Track*
  15. MOVE IT - Demonstration Track
  16. MOVE IT - +Lead guitar + Vocal*
  17. MOVE IT - Backing Track*
  18. DO YOU WANNA DANCE - Demonstration Track*
  19. DO YOU WANNA DANCE - + Lead guitar + Vocal*
  20. DO YOU WANNA DANCE - Backing Track*
  21. BLUE SHADOWS - Demonstration Track
  22. BLUE SHADOWS - Backing Track
  23. POEM - Demonstration Track
  24. POEM - Backing Track
  25. MAGGIES SAMBA - Demonstration Track
  26. MAGGIES SAMBA - Backing Track
  27. THE FLYDER & THE SPY - Demonstration Track
  28. THE FLYDER & THE SPY - Backing Track

* Track arrangement as per 'Thank You Very Much' album by Cliff Richard & The Shadows

Ian McCutcheon - Lead guitar, acoustic guitars, bass guitar, drum programming
Dave Prickett - Keyboards
Danny White - Vocals
Terry Darlison - Backing vocals on "Move It"

All lead tracks are performed using the "Echoes From The Past" echo system 98 devised by Charlie Hall.

Cover Design:
Derek Spicer, Paul Day and Joy McCutcheon

Produced by:
Ian McCutcheon

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