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Shadows Workout CD 4+

Well here is number four and five is on the drawing board - the list of titles left never seems to shorten and I am never devoid of ideas or suggestions.

Again I have attempted to include a blend of easy and more advanced tunes that span across the Shadows history and, as a slight diversion, have also included the Jet Harris and Tony Meehan track "Scarlet O'Hara", plus a Fentones track from the early sixties called "The Mexican". These two titles are probably the most heavily requested that I have yet recorded.

This time I have been joined by Alan Jones, the Shadows longest-serving bass player, who has played the bass parts for "Temptation" (80's version), "Equinox Part V" and "No Dancing". Alan's bass playing skills are phenomenal and it was a real privilege to have him record a contribution to this CD.

Thanks again go to Dave Prickett for his excellent keyboard reproduction of the string and orchestral parts on this CD, and of course to Danny White for the vocal "I Love You".

As before with the vocal track I have included a full demonstration mix followed by two mixes, one including lead vocal but omitting lead guitar and one omitting both lead guitar and vocal.

As a bonus I have included two extra mixes: A karaoke track of "I Love You" and a track omitting the harmony lead part on "Lady Penelope".

Once more, I have really enjoyed recording this CD and will continue to produce these albums until I run out of titles. I wonder how many years that will take?

Thanks for your support.

List of tracks on Workout CD 4+:
  1. TEMPTATION (80's version) - Demonstration Track
  2. TEMPTATION (80's version) - Backing Track
  3. EQUINOX PART V - Demonstration Track
  4. EQUINOX PART V - Backing Track
  5. NO DANCING - Demonstration Track
  6. NO DANCING - Backing Track
  7. SCARLET O'HARA - Demonstration Track
  8. SCARLET O'HARA - Backing Track
  9. COTTON PICKIN' - Demonstration Track
  10. COTTON PICKIN' - Backing Track
  11. I LOVE YOU - Demonstration Track
  12. I LOVE YOU - + Lead Guitar + Vocal (Danny White)
  13. I LOVE YOU - + Lead Guitar - Vocal
  14. I LOVE YOU - Full backing track for vocal
  15. THE MEXICAN - Demonstration Track
  16. THE MEXICAN - Backing Track
  17. MY GRANDFATHERS CLOCK - Demonstration Track
  18. MY GRANDFATHERS CLOCK - Backing Track
  19. ALICE IN SUNDERLAND - Demonstration Track
  20. ALICE IN SUNDERLAND - Backing Track
  21. LADY PENELOPE - Demonstration Track
  22. LADY PENELOPE - (with 2nd lead)
  23. LADY PENELOPE - Backing Track
  24. SHOTGUN - Demonstration Track
  25. SHOTGUN - Backing Track
  26. STINGRAY - Demonstration Track
  27. STINGRAY - Backing Track

Ian McCutcheon - Lead guitar, acoustic guitars, bass guitar, drum programming
Alan Jones - Guest Bass Player on "Temptation", "Equinox Part V" and "No Dancing"
Dave Prickett - Keyboards
Danny White - Vocals

All lead tracks are performed using the "Echoes From The Past" echo system 2000 devised by Charlie Hall.

Cover Design:
Derek Spicer, Joy McCutcheon and photography by John Woodward

Produced by:
Ian McCutcheon

Special thanks to:
Charlie Hall, Pete Alden, Michael Shefras, Tony Hoffman, Alan Scrafton, Ian Harper, Jenny Spicer, Brian Bowman, Lee Argent, Kevin Wooten and Phil Wolstenholme

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