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Shadows Workout CD14+

Dedicated to the memory of Eileen and Stan Summerton

"Every single week of the year, throughout the length and breadth of the UK, you will hear the music of Ian McCutcheon being played. Not on the radio or television but in the numerous Shadows / Guitar / Instrumental clubs which have sprung up nationwide during the past 10 to 15 years or so. Many performers prefer to play to backing tracks, but these were few and far between, expensive and hard to come by in the early days. Well... enter the genial, modest and talented Mr. McCutcheon. Yes, Ian is one of those amazing people who appear on CD playing lead guitar, 2nd guitar, 3rd guitar, rhythm guitar and bass guitar, not to mention drum programing and sequencing! As ever, he's aided and abetted on keyboards and synthesisers by Dave Prickett, whilst Sam Powell plays the harmonica.

Shadows Workout 14+ is the latest in this splendid series. As ever, Ian manages to capture the style and sound of Hank Marvin / The Shadows throughout the decades perfectly, ranging from 'Some Are Lonely' through 'Morning Star' and on to 'Stack It'. Plus how wonderful to hear material from Chet Atkins, Bert Weedon and the Eagles (UK) too. Ian has now completed in excess of 150 first-rate backing tracks. In theory, someone could play three numbers per week at a club, for every single week of the year without repeating themselves even once!

Guitarists and Shadows fans everywhere will definitely want to add this CD to their backing tracks library / collection. For non-players, the guide/demonstration tracks make for great listening in their own right. Thanks Ian"

Rob Bradford

List of tracks on Workout CD 14+:

  1. THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA - Demonstration Track
  2. THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA - Backing Track
  3. MORNING STAR - Demonstration Track
  4. MORNING STAR - Backing Track
  5. THE WINNER TAKES IT ALL - Demonstration Track
  6. THE WINNER TAKES IT ALL - Backing Track
  7. YAKETY AXE - Demonstration Track
  8. YAKETY AXE - Backing Track
  9. YAKETY AXE - Backing Track (minus harmonica)
  10. A WHITER SHADE OF PALE - Demonstration Track
  11. A WHITER SHADE OF PALE - Backing Track
  12. GINCHY - Demonstration Track
  13. GINCHY - Backing Track
  14. THE DESPERADOS (UK Eagles version) - Demonstration Track
  15. THE DESPERADOS (UK Eagles version) - Backing Track
  16. LILLI MARLENE - Demonstration Track
  17. LILLI MARLENE - Backing Track
  18. STACK IT - Demonstration Track
  19. STACK IT - Backing Track
  20. SOME ARE LONELY (French Version) - Demonstration Track
  21. SOME ARE LONELY (French Version) - Backing Track

  • Ian McCutcheon - Lead guitar, acoustic guitars, bass guitar, drum programming
  • Dave Prickett - Keyboards
  • Sam Powell - Harmonica

Equipment used:

  • 40th Anniversary "Hank Marvin" Fender Stratocaster (no 35) (kindly loaned by Michael Sillett)
  • KCP Marvin Amplifier
  • Alesis Q2 with "Echoes From The Past" echo system devised by Charlie Hall.
  • 1967 Baldwin/Burns Mavin Guitar
  • Yamaha CPX8 acoustic guitar
  • Fender Jazz Bass
  • Various Korg and Yamaha keyboards

Cover Design:

  • Bob Saunders and Ian McCutcheon

Produced by:

  • Ian McCutcheon

Special thanks to:

  • Charlie Hall, Pete Alden, Ken Vickers
  • Tony Hoffman ("Shadsfax" magazine Tel: 01904 621761)
  • Alan Scrafton ("Friends Of The Shadows Guitar Club" Tel: 01702 290309)
  • Ian Harper ("East Yorkshire Shadows Guitar Club" Tel: 01723 366811)
  • Warwick Shadows Guitar Club Tel: 01926 882762
  • Jenny and Derek Spicer, Brian Bowman, Lee Argent, Kevin Wooten, Phil Wolstenholme, Jon Malcolm, Bernard Broche, Dave Moore, Dick West, Alan Taylor, Michael Sillett, Richard Dubber
  • Tony Clout (Producer of the music and tab for the "Shadows Workout" CDs. Tel: 01375 392349)

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