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Shadows Workout
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Shadows Workout CD 19+

Many thanks for purchasing my latest workout.

I have this time incorporated a mixture of Shadows and related titles together with a few unusual, and I hope, appealing ideas.

On the Shadows side I have recorded "Hats Off To Wally" and "Cowboy Cafe" which both gave Dave a bit of a hoot on the piano, plus "The Most Beautiful Girl In The World" on which you can, if you wish, play a gentle bit of slide guitar.

In the Hank Marvin area I have recorded a backing track for the "Sleepwalk (Live)" version that Hank used to feature on his tours.

I thought it was now about time that I recorded some backing tracks for some of Jet's great six-string bass titles and have included "The Man With The Golden Arm" which again gives Dave a real blast on the keyboards and the 60's track "Big Bad Bass".

This was the point at which I decided to try a few different ideas. I have recorded a backing track for the George Fenton theme music from the old TV series "Bergerac". I always thought that piece of music to be extremely clever and something that could be applied as a complete guitar instrumental with the sax solo being replaced by a guitar improvisation - see what you think - I believe it works.

Other alternative ideas I have pursued are the Ventures version of "El Cumbanchero" which was recently suggested to me, the Les Reed Combo version of "Spanish Armada" of which I have recorded various alternative backing tracks so you can decide on which part or parts you wish to play. Finally I have recorded a backing track for the 70's hit "Morning Dance". This, as many of you will remember, was originally played on a sax (the name of the band was Spyro Gyra). I have replaced the sax with electric guitar and included a mix without the keyboard solos if you wish to make a guitar version of the whole thing. I know I say this every time but again my eternal thanks go to Dave Prickett for his unending keyboard skills and unswerving attention to detail in the recording of these CDs. Well I suppose I had better go and plan the next CD. I've just realised that will be Workout number 20 - perhaps I should think about planning a party! Ian

List of tracks on Workout CD 19+:

  1. HATS OFF TO WALLY - Demonstration Track
  2. HATS OFF TO WALLY - Backing Track + 2nd guitar (Key E)
  3. HATS OFF TO WALLY - Backing Track (Key E)
  4. THEME FROM "BERGERAC" TV SERIES - Demonstration Track
  5. THEME FROM "BERGERAC" TV SERIES - Backing Track + 2nd guitar (Key Dm)
  6. THEME FROM "BERGERAC" TV SERIES - Backing Track (Key Dm)
  7. COWBOY CAFE - Demonstration Track
  8. COWBOY CAFE - Backing Track (Key Em)
  11. THE MAN WITH THE GOLDEN ARM - Demonstration Track
  12. THE MAN WITH THE GOLDEN ARM - Backing Track (Key Em/Gm)
  13. SLEEPWALK (HANK PLAYS LIVE version) - Demonstration Track
  14. SLEEPWALK (HANK PLAYS LIVE version)- Backing Track (Key C)
  15. EL CUMBANCHERO - Demonstration Track
  16. EL CUMBANCHERO - Backing Track (+ 2nd guitar) (Key Am)
  17. EL CUMBANCHERO - Backing Track (Key Am)
  18. BIG BAD BASS - Demonstration Track
  19. BIG BAD BASS - Backing Track (Key G)
  20. MORNING DANCE - Demonstration Track
  21. MORNING DANCE - Backing Track + keyboard solo (Key F/F#)
  22. MORNING DANCE - Backing Track (Key F/F#)
  23. SPANISH ARMADA - Demonstration Track
  24. SPANISH ARMADA - Backing Track + Six-string Bass (Key Gm)
  25. SPANISH ARMADA - Backing Track - Six-string Bass (Key Gm)
  26. SPANISH ARMADA - Backing Track - keyboard solo (Key Gm)
  27. SPANISH ARMADA - Backing Track (Key Gm)


  • Ian McCutcheon - Lead guitar, acoustic guitars, bass guitar, guitar synthesizer, drum programming
  • Dave Prickett - Keyboards

Equipment used:

  • 40th Anniversary "Hank Marvin" Fender Stratocaster (no 35) (kindly loaned by Michael Sillett)
  • KCP Marvin Amplifier
  • Various Yamaha and Taylor acoustic guitars.
  • Fender Jazz Bass
  • Fender Jazz Fretless Bass
  • Burns Barracuda 6-string Bass
  • Roland Juno Di keyboard
  • Roland GR55 Guitar Synthesizer

Cover Design:
  • Bob Saunders and Ian McCutcheon

Produced by:

  • Ian McCutcheon

Special thanks to the following for their support:

  • Charlie Hall, Pete Alden
  • Tony Hoffman (Tel: 01904 621761)
  • Trevor Byford ("Friends Of The Shadows Guitar Club" Tel: 01702 337075)
  • Ian Harper ("East Yorkshire Shadows Guitar Club" Tel: 01723 366811)
  • Warwick Shadows Guitar Club Tel: 01926 882762
  • Jenny and Derek Spicer, Brian Bowman, Lee Argent, Kevin Wooten, Phil Wolstenholme, Jon Malcolm, Richard Dubber, Dave Moore, Dick West, Alan Taylor, Michael Sillett, Alec Stanton.
  • Tony Clout (Producer of the music and tab for the "Shadows Workout" CDs) Website:
  • John Stallard - Cubby Hole Studio (videoclips etc) Tel: 01789 555750
  • Tim Kelsall (Manager at Express Music, Coventry) Tel: 02476 635766 Website:

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